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Judge – Nigel Small (Ulfberht)

Firstly I would like to give thanks to the Officers and Committee for asking me to judge at
their show and all the exhibitors for bringing their wonderful dogs; also to my Stewards
Penny and Nigel for keeping me company and doing an excellent job keeping watch over

Minor Puppy 2
1. Young’s – POTTERZURI ARAMIS, An eye catching youngster black 6 1/2 months old.
Well chiselled head, correct scissor bite and ear placement. Correct angles front and
rear, well sprung ribs for a pup. Well defined rear quarters, moved well and held
2. Gee’s – EMERALD DODGER, A good looking dog in profile attentive to his owner;
unfortunately was a little nervous and wasn’t able to go over him. More time at ring
craft should sort this issue

Puppy 4(2)
1. Mclellan’s – SARANDEN MONTGOMERY, 10 months old and full of beans. Balanced
in profile with excellent angles front and rear, clean lines all round. Well of for bone
good bend of stifle and strong quarters. Powered round the ring with drive and
purpose – BPD
2. Darwesh’s – MALCHIEK NARUTO OF ELIZAD, A well balanced chocolate dog looking
good in profile, well off for bone. Correct eye colour and good pigment, he was not
quite up to 1 st on the move and lost out this time

Junior 4(3)
1. Young and Parkes’ – POTTERZURI CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK, A very well built yellow
14 months old, stood four square and excellent in profile. A masculine well chiselled
head – developing well. Well-developed hind quarters with well let down hocks and
good turn of stifle. Excellent in profile with correct angulation front and rear. Good
tail-set and wonderful double coat.

Yearling 5(3)
1. Young’s – OPTIMIST VISION, Nicely put together 14 month old yellow. Good head
with width of skull and good length of muzzle; kind expressive head, correct scissor
bite. Correct lay of shoulder and good angles front and rear. Moved well for his
handler today - once he got his head in the game.

2. Hallgarth’s – AMBERSTOPE GOLD LABEL AT CHAPELMANOR (ai) 16 months and
developing in to a good prospect for the future. Lean lines and well balanced in
profile, moved well but would have preferred a more assred foot placement on the

Maiden 1(1)

Novice 4(3)

Under Graduate 2(1)

Post Graduate 3(1)
1. Wilson’s – STELAINROS WABANA, A solidly built black 2 ½ year old. Good length of
leg, correct angles front and rear clean lines. A masculine dog with good pigment and
correct scissor bite, double coat and correct otter tail.
2. Lesley’s – STEELEIGH LOVE MACHINE, Strongly built 3 year old. Balanced in profile,
standing four square correct angles front and rear; well off for bone. A big dog but
well proportioned. Held his top line well on the move although not quite the
movement of 1 today.

Mid Limit 3(1)
1. Coode’s – WARRINGAH’S THE BLUFF JW, 3 ½ year black. Absolutely oozing type; Well
balanced with good clean lines, very attentive to his handler working well as a team.
Well laid back shoulders, correct angulation front and rear - strong quarters and let
down hocks, good bend of stifle. With excellent thick double coat and correct otter
tail. Moved with ease and no wasted energy – BD, BOS & RBIS
2. Haslam’s – MANORWELL BUCKSKIN AT LYNQUEST JW, Yellow with a masculine head,
correct scissor bite. Well off for bone standing 4 square, strong quarters and moved
well just came up against stiff competition today. This dog will do well in the future
I’m sure

Open 5(1)
1. Ayres’ - HANNABEE TO HULL N BACK WITH MUSUBI, A well put together 4 ½ years
old black dog. A cracking head with good width of skull and good length of muzzle;
correct scissor bite. Correct angles front and rear and well boned with neat tidy feet.
With good double coat and level top-line which was held well on the move. Deep
and broad chested with a well sprung rib cage with strong rear quarters - RBD
2. Reynolds’ - SH CH CARROMER CHIPPENDALE, Strongly built near 3 year old yellow.
Excellent in profile and standing four square with correct angles front and rear. Well
off for bone. Correct double coat and otter tail, held his top line well on the move
although not quite the movement of 1st today. I’m sure these two will swap places
over the coming months

3. Saranden Pensacola

Reserve Sleddarwood Sako Flyer over Steeleigh JW.

Veteran 1
1. Young’s – POTTERSPINEY KILLIAN. A wonderful black nearly 8 years old, correct
scissor bite, clean lines front to rear, correct angulation, deep through her chest and
short coupled. Correct otter tail which never stopped using all day - BVIS

Special Graduate Dog or Bitch 1
1. Woodburn’s – CENTENALEE GO PIPPA GO, Feminine youngster 18 months, stood
alone in this class. Well balanced in profile with correct angles front and rear, good
pigment and correct scissor bite; Good top line which was held well on the move.
Not in the best of coat today but was very attentive to her young handler who did a
sterling job. Well done and keep it up

Special Working Dog or Bitch 0

Minor Puppy Bitch 9(3)
1. Coode’s - WARRINGAH’S PIPPINGARA. 6 month old yellow, well balanced and short
coupled; good pigment and correct eye colour set in a lovely feminine head.
Balanced in profile standing attentively for her owner, correct angles front and rear
with good bone and tidy feet. Well sprung ribs and good depth of chest moved with
drive and purpose holding her top line for one so young developing very nicely,
definitely one to watch in the future.
2. Young & Parkes’ – POTTERZURI MYSTIC ZENA. Beautifully presented black bitch in
good firm condition, short coupled and well balanced in profile; she moved well but
just not quite the overall finish of 1st

3. Netherdene Sea Berry

Reserve Ivyraines Storm in a Teacup

VHC Danryl Bella

Puppy 3(1)
1. Charlton’s – FOXRUSH JOYFULL. A very nice yellow bitch oozing breed type; she has a
lovely feminine kind expressive face with correct eye shape and colour with good
pigment. Well balanced in profile with good angles front and rear, good lay of
shoulder. Correct double coat and good otter tail
2. Risorto’s – NETHERDENE SEA THISTLE. Nicely put together 8 month old black girl at
her first show, thoroughly enjoying her day. Still quite raw and difficult to go over –
plenty of ring-craft nights but looks a promising exhibit

Junior 8(3)
1. Hopkinson’s – ROCHEBY HICKORY. Another cracking exhibit, only a year old and
developing well with plenty to like about her. Well balanced in profile standing four
square, correct angles front and rear. Well off for bone, good tidy feet and correct
double coat and tail set with well let down hocks, moved well for her handler
2. Hall’s – HANDIALLA LOCKDOWN GIRL. Nearly 18 months yellow, good pigment and
eye colour; correct scissor bite. Clean lines, well off for bone standing well for her
handler. She didn’t move as well as first today

3. Amberstope McKenzie Pure (ai) 

Reserve Potterzuri Wanda Vision

VHC Annakay Sweet Charity

Yearling 6(2)
1. McLellan’s – WYNFAUL RESOLUTION for SARANDEN. My notes just say WOW, from
the moment this girl walked in the ring and started to strut her stuff I couldn’t take
my eyes off her. This girl oozes type wonderful kind expressive feminine head,
correct eye shape and colour, scissor bite. Well balanced in profile with correct
angles front and rear, good lay of shoulder, well ribbed with good depth of chest and
plenty of lung room. Excellent reach of neck and level top-line which was held well
while powering around the ring, my dog of the day – BB and BIS
2. Risorto’s – ROCHEBY MISS PICCOLO. A smaller built girl than first but plenty to like
about her, correct angles front and rear and nicely balanced in profile. A lovely
feminine head and nice eye colour, good double coat. Came up against stiff
opposition today

3. Amberstope Tatoosh Rye 

Reserve Annakay Sweet Charity

Maiden 7(3)
1. Charlton’s – FOXRUSH JAYNE AYRE. Another great exhibit from this kennel, 10
months old yellow well up to size already. Well balanced in profile with correct
angles front and rear with good lay of shoulder. Stood four square and very attentive
to her handler moving with drive and purpose effortlessly around the ring. BPB and
2. Hopkinson’s – ROCHEBY PRESTIGE. 12 month old yellow, smaller in stature than 1 st ,
stood four square attentively for her owner handler. Good coat and correct otter tail
set on well. Moved well holding her topline, just didn’t have the ring presence of 1 st

3. Stelainros Lady Million

Reserve Potterzuri Wanda Vision

Novice 7(3)
2. Borroughs’ – ANNAKAY BILLY JEAN. 8 ½ month old Chocolate. Correct pigment and
eye colour, good double coat and nice tidy feet. Correct angles front and rear, not
the finished exhibit of 1st

3. Saranden Kindred Lula

Reserve Potterspiney Evie's Dream

Undergraduate 7(4)
1. McLellan’s - SARANDEN THE RIVER. Another quality exhibit from this kennel. 2 years
old yellow, very nicely balanced with correct angles and good lay of shoulder and
well let down hocks. Soft expression with good pigment and correct eye colour. Well
off for bone, very attentive to her handler moving well and holding her top line
2. Coddington and Shortland’s – ROCHEBY SILHOUETTE to GENISVAL. 4 ½ year old
darker yellow in colour, well pigmented with correct eye colour and good scissor
bite. Moved well but tended to carry her tail a little high for my liking which cost her

3. Suttonpark Penny Farthing

Post Graduate 7(4)
1. Hopkinson’s – IRISLAVE O’EVOLUTION at ROCHEBY. Nearing 3 years old another
cracking girl, well balanced in profile, short coupled and nicely compact. Well off for
bone, good correct double coat and excellent otter tail. Attentive to handler and
moved with drive. RBB

2. McLellan’s – WYNFAUL HAPPY NEW YEAR for SARANDEN. 20 months old yellow, soft
expressive head, good pigment and correct eye colour and complete scissor bite.
Well balanced with good angles shown in good hard condition. Not quite the
polished finish of 1st

3. Danryl Opihr

Mid Limit 4(1)
1. Reynolds’ – CARROMER SHIMMERING IN PINK JW. Nearly 5 years old yellow and still
in her prime. Standing four square for her owner, beautifully balanced in profile.
Lovely feminine head with good pigment and correct eye colour, correct double coat
and well set on otter tail. Considered for RBB
2. Ayres & Jackson’s – TANTADECORUS ISLE OF SHUNA MUSUBI. A lovely feminine 4
year old, lighter built than 1 st . With correct angles front and rear, clean lines from
head to well set on tail. Held her top line well on the move, not in the best of coat
today but a good sound exhibit

3. Amberstope Tullibardine

Open 1
1. Hopkinson’s – GOOD EVENING ROCHEBY. A wonderful 3 ½ years old black shown in
excellent condition, firmly muscled and short coupled – there is lots to like about this
girl, whilst she stood alone in this class she stood out as quality. Standing square and
attentive to her handler with ever wagging tail. Correct otter tail set on well in full

Veteran 2(1)
1. Timms’ – LEJIE PEACE THYME. 8 ½ years old and enjoying her day in the spotlight,
whilst she again stood alone her qualities stood out. Shown in good hard condition,
clean lines holding her top line well and having the movement of a much younger
dog. Well off for bone, good lay of shoulder and correct angulation fore and aft.

Nigel Small

Heading 1

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