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Bitches' Critique

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at their show. The new venue was fantastic with a lovely festive atmosphere. I was pleased to go over some super bitches, thanks to the exhibitors for accepting my difficult decisions so sportingly. My day was made so much easier with the help of my two stewards David and Ryan who organized the ring beautifully.


1st Wallace’s Tiaja American Dream. Yellow of good size and overall balance, liked her feminine head, excellent coat, happy mover and great condition for her 9 years. 

2nd Pattison’s Pattilands Shining Star. 9 year old yellow, attractive head, good firm topline, strong quarters, carrying just the right amount of weight. Moved out well. 

3rd Smith’s Flyenpig Snout Like It.


1st Hall’s Handialla Lockdown Girl. Headed a lovely class, full of quality. Beautifully balanced yellow with a sweet head and expression. Good neck and shoulders, well boned with neat feet, good depth of chest and spring of rib, well angulated rear. Moved very well once settled. 

2nd Campbell’s Tullochmohr Tura To Binnaig NAF TAF. 9 month black of good type, a little longer cast than 1. Feminine head with a kind eye, good reach of neck and nicely angulated front and rear. Correct coat and bone, neat feet, moved well. 

3rd Lacey’s Fleetpaw In the Moment.


1st Bailiss’s Tissalian Tias Jewel. Eye catching, balanced yellow. Loved her very pretty head and expression. Clean neck, firm topline, barrel ribs, strong quarters. In her best coat, lovely tail and set. Showed her socks off and moved with style. BPIS.  

2nd Hall’s Handialla Lockdown Girl. Placed 1st MPB. 

3rd Flockton’s Dylsonleigh Valentina.


1st Braddon’s Trendlewood Shape Of You. Yellow with a pretty head and good eye colour. Clean neck and well placed shoulders, firm topline and good tailset, well angulated rear, positive move.

2nd Hopkinson’s Rocheby Miss Picolo. Attractive 1year old black. Sweet head, gentle expression. Good reach of neck, deep through body, well muscled rear. In excellent coat and tail. Moved freely.  

3rd Morton & Howard’s Mattriella Maybe This Time For Dakross.


1st Tooth’s Ludalor Loquacious. Attractive yellow with a kind eye and expression. Well balanced throughout, in good coat and tail, strong hindquarters, firm topline. In great condition, showed and moved well. 

2nd Dodd’s Carriegame Precious Jewel. Pleasing, showy black built on clean lines. Gorgeous head and expression, liked her overall balance. Very attentive to her handler and didn’t stop showing. Positive mover. 

3rd Woodburn’s Centenalee’s Sweet Meadow. 



1st Campbell’s Binnaig Brene. Showy black of good type. Loved her head and expression, sweeping neck, good muscle tone. Neat feet. Correct front and rear angulation. Double coat. Showed and moved very well. 

2nd Williamson’s Likav Academic At Sharouns. Yellow of good type with a sweet head. Well angulated front, short coupled, strong quarters. In good coat and moved out well. 

3rd Edwards Kimbajak Flirty Gerty. 


1st Camp-Holcroft’s Lakemeadow Phoenix Nights. Yellow with a nice

clean outline and feminine head, good length of muzzle and dark eye.

Very attentive to handler and showed and moved very well. 

2nd Jones Serengoch On The Rocks. Smaller, more compact black with

a sweet head and expression. Good lay of shoulder, in good coat and

tail well covered. Moved well. 

3rd Horton’s Flyenpyg Shut Ya Pie Hole.


1st Boulden’s Rumhill Starry Night. Well balanced black. Attactive,

balanced head. Nice reach of neck, well ribbed, strong quarters, nice

topline and tailset. In excellent coat and condition and a very sound

mover when moved at the correct speed. 

2nd Campbell’s Tullochmohr Tura To Binnaig TAF NAF. Placed 2nd MPB. 

3rd Keith & Wrightson’s Swiftriver Harvest Mouse. 


1st Smith’s Rudidale Lucky Bug. Good type of yellow who was in lovely coat and condition. Clean outline. Liked her sweet expression. Well angulated front. Holds her topline on the move and covers the ground well. 

2nd Risorto’s Rocheby Sea Anemone. Very pretty yellow. Good front construction, strong hindquarters, deep through body. Steady mover and showed well. 

3rd Harvey-Major’s Linjor Miss Jones. 


1st Deane’s Abbeystead Glamour At Tanronens. Nicely balanced quality yellow. Beautiful head, kind eye and good ear set. Short coupled, nicely angulated front and rear. A lot to like about this young bitch. 

2nd Kent’s Chyanhal Trevose Of Trewinnard JW. Black of super type. Clean outline. Very pretty head, dark eye. Lovely reach of neck, firm topline, enough bone and neat feet. Showed and moved well. 

3rd Lawson’s Isaiki Ficelle Fidney Fifel.


1st Ayres Tantadecorus Isle Of Shuna Musubi. Pretty headed black, clean lines, nicely angulated fore and aft. Decent size, in fit hard condition. Sound, positive mover. 

2nd Mcgillivray’s Antonine Sweet Dreams. Balanced yellow, nice head and eye, deep through body and well sprung rib.  Strong quarters, good bone and feet.  

3rd Hopkinson’s Rocheby Serenity. 


1st Allen’s Saranden Santee Sioux Tomouron. Beautiful black teeming with quality. Lovely kind, gentle feminine head and expression. Ample reach of neck, good shoulder placement, well developed quarters and good turn of stifle. Deep through chest, well ribbed body with good muscle tone. Moved soundly and freely round the ring. Presented a very balanced picture. RCC. 

2nd Wiles Richbourne Hermione. Soundly constructed yellow with a feminine head and pleasing expression. Balanced outline, well bodied, strong quarters and good turn of stifle. Firm topline holding it on the move.  

3rd Neachell’s Suttonpark Consuela. 


1st Stoker’s Madgack Mimosa. Very attractive black. Kind expressive head and eye, nicely constructed front, strong neck and well muscled rear quarters, good through the ribs, well set tail. Good feet and bone and a very sound mover. 

2nd Hopkinson’s Rocheby String Of Pearls. Another quality yellow with an attractive head.  Nice angulation front and rear, strong quarters, level topline and well set tail. Moved with drive and purpose.  

3rd Mitchell’s Darmilye Dalmore. 


1st Rowe’s SH CH Rochevale Once Upon A Time. Eye catching stylish yellow who I have long admired. Beautifully balanced and proportioned outline. I loved her sweet feminine head and gentle expression. So well made all through. In tiptop condition and showed and moved beautifully. Pleased to award her the CC.  

2nd O Brien’s SH CH Maxfield Arabella. Another classy yellow who was in lovely coat and condition on the day. Her overall confirmation is excellent. Super neck and topline. Such a pretty head and expression. Moved and showed steadily.  

3rd Woodburn’s Centenalee Silver Ice. 


Judge: Andy Metcalfe.

Dogs' Critique

Many thanks to all the exhibitors who presented me with an

excellent entry. It was lovely to get back into the ring for this show,

which was originally scheduled for April. The new venue was light

and airy and fostered a good atmosphere. The entry was good

considering we were entering a new period of covid restrictions.

In general, I was pleased with most of the winners, but the real

strength in depth was restricted to the higher classes. I noticed

 several that presented outstanding outlines but tended to be a little

narrow in front and this resulted in disappointing movement. This is not

something I have previously noticed when judging in the UK. 


1st: Robert’s Stormrose Golden Fortune JW SH.CM VW. This boy could certainly show the youngsters a thing or two about movement! Really strode out round the ring with plenty of drive whilst moving straight and true. Strongly made throughout, with a handsome head, good reach of neck and well angulated throughout. Strong bone into well-shaped feet. In agreement with my co-judge, Best Veteran in Show.

2nd: Broadburn and Lawson’s Lindall Just Do It At Tipbear. Ten year old black, really enjoying his day out. Kind head and expression, well angulated shoulders with good bone and well shaped feet. Moved particularly well for his age.

3rd: Bold’s Shaymiloney Senate JW.




1st: Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. Well balanced puppy, shown in excellent condition with a fabulous double coat. Kind head and expression, with a really kind eye, good reach of neck and excellent tail-set.  Moved well, but movement still needs to tighten a little. Looks as If he should have a good future. Best Puppy Dog.

2nd: Hopkinson’s Rocheby Old Salt. Another promising puppy, who should develop well. Good type, with attractive head, good reach of neck, with excellent lay of shoulders and well angulated front. Moved well. I am sure these two will change places often.

3rd: Allen’s Timouron Secret Liaison.

PUPPY DOG (13-6)


1st: Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. 1st. MPD.

2nd: Lewis’s Crammondirk Buckley. Very well constructed black, although a little raw at present. Kind head and expression, good reach of neck, level top-line and good tailset. Moved well. Should develop into a quality dog.

3rd: Smith’s Flyenpyg Pie Eyed JW.


1st: Hutchinson’s Glosmere Ragamuffin. Deep bodied black, in excellent coat and condition. Good level topline and well angulated both front and rear. Moved with drive. To be critical, I would prefer more length of leg, but he has many attributes.

2nd: Braddon’s Trendlewood The Man. Well made yellow with kind head and expression. Clean outline with a good reach of neck. Good bone and correct pasterns into well shaped feet. Moved well. Preferred the shoulder angulation of the winner.

3rd: Smith’s Braudarach Braenuth.


1st: O’Brien’s Maxfield Hugo Boss. Good type of yellow. Strongly built throughout, with good neck into level top-line. Deep well-sprung chest with good angulations to quarters and well-muscled throughout. Moved well. Little coat today, which spoiled the overall balance.
2nd: Davis’s Edwin For Deaki De Loyre De Aralla. Nice type of black, well angulated throughout. Deep, well sprung chest and excellent shaped feet. Movement a little erratic and would prefer a better tail-set. 


1st: Woodley’s Alkhamhurst Moment Of Truth. Well balanced dog with strong level top-line and good tail-set. Strong bone into well-shaped feet. In good coat and condition. Powerful quarters with excellent width. Moved well.

2nd: Lawson’s Carriegame Carry On Camping Avec Isaiki. Good quality chocolate, who was unlucky to come across the winner. Really well balanced with a kind head and expression. Well angulated throughout with a level topline and tail-set. Strong bone and well-shaped feet. Moved correctly with plenty of drive.

3rd: Wilson’s Stelainros Wabana.



1st: Haslam’s Manorwell Buckskin At Lynquest. Good type of yellow. Strongly muscled, which allowed him to drive well from the rear. Well balanced head, good level topline. Not in his best coat today, which spoiled the overall picture.

2nd: Hill’s Kimbajak Full Golden Monty At Waggador. Kind headed yellow of good type. Lovely eye-colour. Good reach of neck and deep well-sprung ribs. A little distracted today which made him hard to assess. Movement needs to settle.


1st: Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. 1st. MPD.

2nd: Hutchinson’s Glosmere Ragamuffin. 1st. SJD.

3rd: Wilson’s Stelainros Wabana.


1st: Gartland’s Pollham Piccolo At Knoydar. Good type of yellow.

Correct head shape, Deep well-sprung ribs. Good tail-set, in good coat.

Carrying a little too much weight, which detracted on the move.


1st: Lawson’s C.arriegame Carry On Camping Avec Isaiki. 2nd.YD.

2nd: Lesley’s Steeleigh Love Machine. Nice type of Lab. Good reach

 of neck into well-laid shoulders. Level topline with correct tail-set.

Moved Very well. Preferred the shorter coupling of the winner.

3rd: Harvey-Major’s Linjor Winter Frost.


1st: Heron’s Globetrotter Lab’s Valley. Excellent type of lab, presenting a really clean outline. Kind head with good reach of neck into level top-line and tail-set. Well angulated both front and rear and moved with drive. Still needs time to mature but is a high quality Labrador. 

2nd: Bailiss’ Tisslian High Chaperal. A very different type to the winner, but still having plenty of good points. Kindest of heads and expression. Strong deep body with well-sprung ribs. Correct shoulder angulation, moving well.

3rd: Lesley’s Sleddarwood Sako Flyer Over Steeleigh JW.


1st: Mcgillvrey’s Antonine Charley Barley JW. Strongly built yellow, with deep well sprung ribs. Good level top-line and correct tail-set. Well developed quarters with good turn of stifle. Strongly boned throughout.  Moved well. Not quite in his best coat today.

2nd: Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW. Really attractive headed dog with a good reach of neck, good topline and tail-set. Strong well-muscled quarters. Not in full coat and needed to settle more on the move.

3rd: Hutchinson’s Glosmere Grenadier JW.

LIMIT DOG (12-5)

Quality class with real strength in depth 

1st: Dodd’s Carriegame Moonshine. Classic type of black. Not over exaggerated in any way. Super head, with kind, intelligent expression. Good reach of neck into strong level top-line. Well angulated both front and rear with good width of quarters. Good bone into well- shaped feet. Moved well. Pushed hard for top honours. 

2nd: Gair’s Brigburn Sherwood. Really lovely type of black. Well angulated throughout. Kind head and expression. Well developed quarters with well let down hocks. Super otter tail. Moved well. A close decision. 

3rd: Lesley’s Arramis Britannica Archipelogo At Steeleigh.

OPEN DOG (9-4)

Another quality class. 

1st: Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken East Meets West JW. Really caught my eye. Excellent type of black shown in tip-top condition. Powerful neck into excellent topline and tail-set. Deep chest with well-sprung ribs. Good bone into well shaped feet. Strong quarters which allowed him to flow round the ring. Pleased to award him the CC and with the agreement of my co-judge BIS.

2nd: Williamson’s Sharouns Ventriloquist At Tempaskell JW. Although a different type, another excellent dog with many qualities. Strongly made in fit hard condition. Good level top-line and correctly set tail. Moved extremely well, both coming and going. Not quite in his best jacket but I was still pleased to award him Res CC in a strong entry.

3rd: Grumitt & Dempsey’s Dromtracker Made To Order.

Judge: Mark Rawlinson (Halshimoor)




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