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Results and Critique




1. Parkes & Young’s Optimist Vision. Lovely yellow dog, 6 months. Pleasing head and expression, well-angulated front and rear. Correct tail-set, well-let down hocks and nice tight feet. Lovely mover. 2. Potter’s Harrop Pick Pocket. 6 months, black. Kind eye & expression, well set ears, good depth, lovely hindquarters and angulation, good tailset, low hocks, neat feet and nice double coat. 

3. Atkinson’s Foxrush Too Truthful NAF.

 PUPPY DOG (6,2) 

1. Potter’s Harrop Pick Pocket. (as in MPD) 

2. Grummitt’s Manorwell Danny Boy. Lovely yellow boy, good height, nice outline and pleasing head, good depth of chest & spring of rib. Good coat and tailset, nice tight feet. 

3. Harvey-Major’s Linjor Ross. 


1. Wilson’s Stelainros Wabana. Lovely black male, 17 months. Nice size & well-balanced. Good construction front & rear. Well-sprung ribs, level topline, nice tight feed, good coat and tailset. Covered the ground well on the move. 

2. O’Dell & Bills’ Saranden Thunder Road. Nice yellow, lovely kind head and expression with good pigment. Well-laid shoulders, level topline, good coat, tail and tailset. Tight, neat feet, good mover. 



1. Reynolds’ Carromer Chippendale. Absolutely beautiful yellow boy. Such a handsome, masculine head but with a pleasing, kind expression. Excellent pigment. Lovely clean outline, good length of neck on well-laid shoulders. Lovely depth & spring of rib, level topline both stationary and on the move. Good hind quarters, turn of stifle, well let-down hocks. Fabulous mover covered the ground with ease. An absolute pleasure to go over. RBIS. 


1. Lesley’s Steeleigh Love Machine. Lovely black male, 2 years old. What a lovely head, with kind eye & expression. Well angulated front and rear, good sized dog with super depth and well-sprung ribs. Correct otter tail, well set. Good double coat, nice mover. 

2. Wilson’s Stelainros Wabana. (as in JD). 

3. Perkins’ Keeninspires Flash Gordon. 



1. Lesley’s Steeleigh Love Machine. (as in MD). 

2. Dawson’s Beskerby Pageant. Handsome yellow, masculine head with kind expression. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. A level topline and good tail-set, nice effortless mover. 



1. Harvey-Major’s Linjor Winter Frost. Lovely yellow, handsome head with good pigmentation. Good length of neck and well-angulated front, plenty of depth. Nice tight feet and covered the ground well on the move. 

2. O’Dell & Bills’ Vetybonbetty Chocolate Box. Chocolate dog. Masculine head, nice pleasing expression with kind eye. 



1. Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grenadier JW. Lovely well-balanced yellow dog. Good angulation front and back making for an excellent mover. Nice depth of chest, spring of rib and carrying a good coat. Excellent topline & tailset, lovely neat feet. 

2. Bailiss’ Tissalian Hi Chaperal. Lovely outline, well balanced yellow. Kind head and very expressive with such lovely pigment. Well-angulated front and rear with driving hindquarters. Moved well. 

3. Wilson’s Stelainross Harlequinn. 



1. Hodge’s Naiken Elite Envoy. Lovely chocolate dog. A nice head with kind eye and well set ears. Plenty of depth & spring of rib, good second thigh & turn of stifle. In excellent coat, nice tight feet, moved with drive. 

OPEN DOG (2,1) 

1. Dempsey & Grummitt’s Ir Sh Ch Dromtacker Made to Order. Well-balanced yellow. Lovely outline with excellent topline & tail-set. Nice head and pigmentation with correct eye shape and ear-set. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulder & good reach on the move. Good depth, nice tight feet, moved with drive. 


1. Hind’s Tawnybank Smooth ‘n Debonair. Nice black dog. Lovely head, eye & expression. Good depth, level topline. Excellent hind quarters with good second thigh and turn of stifle. Carrying a good double coat. 


This class was a delight to judge. 

1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby Miss Picolo. Irresistible 7 month black. Very pretty, feminine head and expression, lovely length of neck on well-laid shoulder and equally well angulated rear to bring a picture of balance. Nice to see well let-down hocks and lovely, neat tight feet. BP. 

2. Charlton’s Foxrush Tickled Pink. Another beautiful, promising puppy. Yellow. Very pretty, feminine head with good pigment, nice neck, good front & rear angulation, good depth, level topline, correct tail-set. 

3. Smith’s Rudidale Bandit.



1. Woodburn’s Centenalee Sweet Meadow. Beautiful typie yellow puppy bitch. Nice feminine head & expression with lovely pigment. Good front & rear angulation, with excellent hindquarters; well-muscled with good turn of stifle. Low hocks, tight feet. Moved with drive. 

2. Tooth’s Ludalor Loquacious. Pretty yellow bitch, lovely head, kind eye & expression, good length of neck on well-laid shoulder, plenty of depth, nice tight feet, tidy mover. 

3. Greenwood’s Harrop One In A Lifetime.



1. Parkes and Young’s Potterspiney Evies Dream. Nice yellow bitch. One year old, well balanced. In excellent coat, good depth of chest & spring of rib. Lovely hindquarters; well muscled with good turn of stifle. Well let-down hocks and nice tight feet. 



1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby Shady Alice. Very pretty, balanced yellow, feminine head, nice front with good length of neck, nice depth & spring of rib, well-angulated rear and nice tight feet, everything in proportion and a good sound mover. 

2. Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Dancing Queen. Very pretty bitch, nice outline, good kind head, well-angulated front, good depth & spring of rib, well let down hocks ample bone and nice tight feet, moved with drive. 

3. Digweed’s Willokin Wears Prada. 



1. Charlton’s Foxrush Tickled Pink. (as in MPB). 

2. Lesley’s Steeleigh Love Affair. Lovely black bitch, feminine head with kind expression, good double coat. Plenty of depth, level topline, ample bone with nice tight feed, covered ground well on the move. 

3. Perkins’ Keeninspires Lady Milton.



1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby Hazelberry. Very feminine yellow, lovely length of neck down to a nice shoulder and well-angulated front, level topline & tailset, good strong quarters and neat, tight feet. Good sound mover. 

2. Dawson’s Beskerby Nutcracker. Lovely moving bitch, nice expressive head, level topline, lovely low hocks. 

3. Perkins’ Keeninspires News Flash. 



1. Greenwood’s Harrop Lady Blackstar. Nice black bitch in good coat and condition. Nice head & kind eye, lovely well-muscled hindquarters, low hocks and lovely tight feet. Moved with drive. 

2. Woodall’s Mattand A Million Dreams for Thirlmere. Pretty bitch, very feminine, nicely balanced throughout. Good topline & tail-set. Well-muscled second thigh and turn of stifle, good sound mover. 

3. Ayres’ Tantadecorus Isle of Shuna Musubi. 




1. Woodburn’s Centenalee Spring Time. Loved everything about this bitch. Pretty head and kind expression with excellent pigment, good eye shape and good ear-set. Ample depth and good spring of rib. Level topline and correct tail-set. Good rear assembly, with well-muscled thigh and good turn of stifle, well let-down hocks, nice tight feet and in good coat. Moved freely, covered the ground well and with drive. IT was my pleasure to award her BIS. 

2. Kulleseid’s Centenalee Shining Light. Nice yellow bitch of good breed type. Nice head with good ear-set, good length of neck with nicely angulated front. Good sound mover. 

3. Hodge & Lapper’s Naiken Evita. 



1. Digweed’s Notonlyblack Eclipse Of The Moon At Willokin. Beautiful short-coupled black. Well-balanced with everything neat and in proportion. Well angulated front and rear, level topline with correct tail-set. Strong, well-muscled hindquarters, low hocks, tight feet. Moved straight and with drive., a lovely picture. 

2. Reynolds’ Carromer Shimmering In Pink JW. Very pretty eye-catching yellow. Feminine head, kind eye, lovely neck, front and bone, lovely hindquarters, super mover. 

3. Woodburn’s Centenalee Meadow Mint. 



1. Charlton’s Sh Ch Classical Act At Foxrush. Very classy yellow. Pretty, feminine head, well-balanced, good reach of neck, well laid shoulder. Super depth of chest & spring of rib, muscular hindquarters, low hocks, moved with drive. 

2. Pattison’s Pattilands Ms Independent. Yellow bitch, expressive head with well-set ears, very good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Neat, tight feet and in excellent coat, sound mover. 



1. Reynolds’ Sh Ch Carromer Hot Off The Press. Beautiful feminine yellow. Lovely head and expression, great depth and balanced throughout, level topline & correct tail-set, good turn of stifle & second thigh, lovely low hocks, moved with ease. 

2. Gawthorpe’s Waterbrook Pillow Talk. Quality yellow, well-balanced and all in proportion. Pretty feminine head with good pigment. Good depth, well angulated front and rear, level topline and good tail-set. Lovely moving bitch. 

3. Pattison’s Pattilands Shining Star.





BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Sh. Ch. Carromers Hot Off The Press JW

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