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April Championship Show 2022 Critiques


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at their show, also the exhibitors who

gave me an excellent entry, also my stewards who did a wonderful job.

V 3(0)

1. Pattison's Pattilands Shining Star. Yellow of good size, attractive head with a kind eye,

well bodied, ample bone, balanced throughout, coat in good condition, stands alert, never

stopped wagging her tail, a happy mover.

2. Jones Roboshalee Way to Tipperary for Serengoch. Rather a handful but when settled

down to the job in hand a nice bitch, a pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck

flowing into well placed shoulders, level top-line, ample bone, moved with drive.

3. Sharpe's Kermouster Black Magic.


MP 6(3)

1. Rawlinson/Balshaw's Halishmoor Perfect Pitch at Shannorrell NAF TAF. 6 month old

yellow, what a star, full of confidence, so well trained, no hassle when checking bite, stands

on well boned legs, tight feet, pretty head with a good length of muzzle, kind eye and ex-

pression, ribcage nicely developed, short coupled, well developed rear end, a happy mover.

2. Hopkinson's Rocheby Harriet. 8 month old yellow, well presented, feminine head, clean

outline, good spring of rib, well angulated quarters with well turned hocks, neat feet, moved

and showed well, well behaved when assessing her.

3. Thorpe's Taph Electra.


P 18(5)

1. McGillivray's Antonine She Like The Wind (A). 9 month old yellow who stood out in

this class, clean outline, shows with confidence, good depth, level top-line, good front and

rear with excellent quarters, moved well when settled with her runner, when returned to han-

dler settled back again to show herself again with previous vigour, BPIS.

2. Rowe's Rochevale Water Lily (AI). Another excellent puppy, super outline and overall

balance, lovely head and expression, moved with style and a good stride.

3. Campbell's Tullochmohr Tura to Binnaig NAF TAF.


SpJ 9(3)

1. Lavelle's Crosscroyde Cheeky Emma. Sweet head with a kind expression, clean neck

flowing into well placed shoulders, good spring of rib of good depth, strong quarters, well

boned throughout, coat was a tad untidy but she had sufficient, covered the ground well on

the move.

2. Bailiss Tissalian Tia Jewel. Yellow of good breed type, feminine head with a kind eye,

well placed shoulders, well bodied, level top-line with tail straight from her back, moved

freely, showed her socks off when standing.

3. Woodburn's Centenalee Go Pippa Go.


J 15(5)

1. Druggan's Balladoole Skyline. Black, pleasing head with gentle expression, good length

of muzzle, clean neck with a good reach, well placed shoulders, deep ribcage, strong quar-

ters with well let down hocks, moved with drive.

2. Bramble's Shaymiloney Silla Black. Yellow with clean outline, good depth of body with

well sprung ribs, focused on her handler all the time, moves freely with a good stride.

3. Perkin' Keeninspires Poison Ivy.


Y 7(1)

1. Dodd's Carriegame Precious Jewel. Quality black, sweet head, good reach of neck flows

into well placed shoulders, good depth of body, well boned legs with tight feet, strong

hindquarters with well turned hocks, thick dense coat, moved with style.

2. Woodburn's Centenalee Sweet Meadow Mint. Quality yellow, lovely head and expres-

sion, good front, well angulated quarters, level top-line with tail flowing straight from her

back, moved with drive.

3. O'Dwyer's Bannabeach Bed Kind (ATC AY37033IKC).




SpB 9(1)

1. Young/Parkes' Potterspiney Evies Dream. Yellow built on clean lines, pretty head, pleas-

ing reach of neck, deep chest, strong quarters with well turned hocks, moved well at a

steady pace.

2. Manning's Baileydale Harmony of Marchurch. Feminine head with alert expression, well

constructed throughout, moved with purpose.

3. Nightingale's Flyenpyg Snazzy Sniffer.


N 13(5,1 w/d)

1. Lavelle's Crosscroyde Cheeky Emma.

2. McGillivray's Antonine She Like The Wind (A).

3. Edwards' Kimbajack Miss Jazz Swinger.


U 6(1 w/d)

1. Williamson's Sharouns Jingle Belle. 2 year old yellow, feminine head with kind expres-

sion, strong neck flowing into well placed shoulders, deep body with well sprung ribs, level

top-line with a good tail set, strong quarters, moved at a steady pace with a good stride.

2. Callaghan's Bannabeach The Wests Awake (ATC AY 12862IKC). Well constructed showy

black with sweet head and hazel eye, good length of muzzle, good front, deep body, strong

quarters, in good coat, moved freely with a good stride.

3. Tooth's Ludalor Loquacious.


G 9(2)

1. Bailiss’s Tissalian Hi Class. Yellow, feminine head with a look at me expression, neat ears

which she used to look alert at her handler, good clean neck flowing into well placed shoul-

ders, short coupled with strong rear quarters with well turned hocks, moved soundly.

2. Hopkinson’s Irislave O’Revolution at Rocheby. Black, clean outline, has great ring presence, standing four square, good depth of body, good topline, tail flows straight from her back, strong hind-quarters, moved well around the ring.

3. Jones’ Serengoch Solar Eclipse.



PG 16(5)

  1. Digweed’s Willokin Wears Prada. Beautiful yellow, well off for bone and in excellent coat. Feminine head and kind expression, good depth of body with well sprung ribs., short-coupled, well developed quarters, well let down hocks, moved with enthusiasm.

  2. 2. Perkin’s Keeninspires News Flash. My notes read very little to choose between her and first as they have the same sire, I understand why the same critique would apply, just preferred firsts head.

  3. Woodall’s Mattand A Million Dreams for Thirlmere JW.

ML (9(2)

  1. Davies/Torrance’s Maxrose Daisy Belle. Yellow with lovely feminine head, in super coat and condition, strong neck with a good reach flowing into well placed shoulders. Well bodied with level topline with tail flowing from her back stong quarters and well turned hocks. Moved with a good stride, stands alert for her handler which shows her lovely outline. Pleased to award her the RCC.

  2. Reynold’s Carromer Shimmering Pink JW. Another very nice yellow with a pretty head., strong muzzle, deep bodied, good shoulder placement, sort coupled with strong quarters and well turned hocks, moves soundly and effortlessly, a real showgirl.

  3. Williamson’s Likav Academic at Sharouns.

L 18(7)

  1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby String of Pearls. Yellow, balanced throughout, short coupled with good spring of ribs, good depth of body, good angulation front and rear, pretty head with a gentle expression, strong muzzle with lovely pigmentation, moved with a good stride and flows around the ring, returns then stands with a look at me attitude.

  2. Smith’s Rudidale Lucky Bug. Well balanced 3-year-old yellow shown in tip-top condition, pleasing head and expression with correct eye colour, a real showgirl for her young handler as she stands four square, in good coat of correct texture.

  3. Campbell’s Binnaig Brene.


O 9(4)

  1. Rowe’s SH CH Rochevale Once Upon a Time. Outstanding yellow in beautiful condition, lovely head with good length of muzzle, kind eye, good pigmentation, good angulation front and rear, deep chest, well boned with tight feet, level top-line with a good tail set. Moved with ease and style, on return stood four square not taking her eyes of her handler. Pleased to award her CC and RBIS. 

  2. Digweed’s Notonlyblack Eclipse of Moon at Willokin (imp IT). Mature black at 6 years old, she still looks like a youngster, beautiful head with kind expression, lovely reach of neck into well-placed shoulders, good front and well bodied, moved freely with a good stride.

  3. McGillivray’s Woefdram’s American Abigail with Antonine (imp NDL).  





It is an honour and a privilege  to judge any show, especially a breed club show, so thank you for my appointment,

The catering was second to none, and the atmosphere made for an enjoyable judging appointment

Thank you to my stewards, David and Monika who kept everything running smoothly, and finally thank you to all the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity of going over your dogs.


VETERAN DOG : 2 (1abs)

  1. McCrory`s : Sh Ch Millroseglen Make My Day With Meadovillelabs :  8 year old yellow boy, presented in good coat and condition. He has the gentlest of heads, with such a kind eye. Good reach of neck into the correct lay of shoulder , well ribbed and short coupled. Fabulous otter tail. Correct turn of stifle with strong firm quarters. moved well holding a strong topline.  BVIS in agreement with my co-judge.



MINOR PUPPY DOG : 5 (2abs)

1. Hopkinson`s : Rocheby Havana : What a promising yellow pup. 6 months old. His head , which just right for age has a gentle expression, his eye shape and colour is spot on. Has correct harsh, double coat. Correct front angles. Good strong bone leading into correct feet. Strong topline.Good width to his quarters with well let down hocks, enabling good drive from the rear.

2. Rawlinson & Balshaw`s : Halshimoor Prime Time at Shanorrell : 6 1/2 month old yellow . A lovely kind, balanced head, good ear carriage. Well boned, with correct angles. Love the scope on this puppy, should be smashing when everything comes together. Moved soundly, Close up to one , just though one was “more together” today on front movement.

3. Thorpes : Thorpewillow Sand Martin

PUPPY DOG : 8 (3abs)

1. Harvey-Majors : Floki The Jester in Linjor : This yellow boy of 8 months really caught my eye. He is so well balanced for a youngster. Kindest of heads, just right for his age but totally masculine. Lovely length and depth to his muzzle. Good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Well off for bone with well arched , tidy feet. Well turned stifle. Excellent double coat and rounded otter tail. Sound, positive mover, holding a solid topline. Top draw.

2. Tulloch`s : Tullochmohr Final Hurrah : Black puppy, just coming up 12 months ,presenting a good clean outline. Little longer cast than one. Good head proportions, with a melting expression, correct angles all round. Double coat of correct texture. Good mover just a little full of himself today, so a little erratic.

3. Martins : Streamanda Wombarra


1. Bell`s : Westerluston John : Scopier yellow dog, very raw but has all the essentials there, will be interesting to see how he matures. Lovely length of muzzle and a beautiful eye. Well set on ears that he uses well. Adequate bone and moderate angles throughout. Presented in good firm condition. Sound moving boy.

2. Falshaw & Elliott`s : Lonicerium Jack Sparra : Workman like Yellow boy, Little finer than one. A very gentle head, but for me, would prefer it to be a little more masculine. A lovely clean outline . Presented in good coat and a well-muscled condition. Moved soundly.

JUNIOR DOG: 5 (1abs)

1. Metcalfe`s : Baileydale Puff Daddy : Well built, strong black. Masculine head, with a melting expression. Well shaped eye of correct colour. Good strong muzzle. Well off for bone. Good length and lay of shoulder. Well ribbed and short coupled. Excellent coat and otter tail. Well balanced throughout. Positive mover that covers the ground well.

2. O`Brien`s : Maxfield Hugo Boss  : Yellow boy of a different mould to one. Kind balanced head with biddable expression. Excelled in front angulation. Just preferred the quarters of one. Moved well once settled. Throwing his coat but it was the correct type and texture.

3. Young`s : Apollo Daydream

YEARLING DOG : 6 (1abs)

1. Brown`s : Farbrae Good To Go : Well balanced , substantial yellow. Head very masculine, but not coarse. Powerful neck, into well placed shoulders, excellent spring of rib and short coupled. Wide, well developed quarters and second thigh. Excellent otter tail. Strong, straight well let down hocks, which enabled him to power round the ring.

2. Rowley`s :Treantagh Hot Spell: Yellow. Completely different type, both in build and head to one, but has all the essentials to make a good dog, will just need time. Excels in length of muzzle. Correct ear set. Has a lovely kind eye. Moderate angles throughout. Moved soundly, keeping a good level topline, just needs to be moved at a more steady pace.

3. MacMillan`s : Ebeshb Call To Arms



1. Haslam`s : Manorwell Buckskin at Lynquest : Yellow boy that has the kindest of heads, all in proportion. Love his eye shape and the honest look he gives you. All angles correct, level topline with tail straight off, so presents a very balanced picture. Even though he was badly out of coat,he won this class on quality, breed type and movement.

2. Hill`s : Kimbajak Full Golden Monty at Waggador: Yellow boy with a lovely eye and expression.  Good shoulder placement. Good spring of rib, not as close coupled as one. He has good bone, but would prefer tidier feet. Coat on the blow but it was of correct type and texture. Another good moving dog once he settled into his pace.

3. O`Dell`s : Vetybonbetty chocolate box


NOVICE DOG:5(1abs)

1. Harvey-Majors : Floki The Jester in Linjor :

2. Tulloch`s : Tullochmohr Final Hurrah :

3. Martins : Streamanda Wombarra



1. Harvey-Majors : Floki The Jester in Linjor :


GRADUATE DOG: 8 (5abs)

  1. McCrory`s : Meadovillabs Black Onyx : This black made my final four for the ticket. He has blossomed from a very raw youngster to a really good example of the breed.He has a balanced , masculine head, lovely kind eye of a correct colour and shape. He has strong bone and compact tidy feet.His coat is text book and he has an amazing otter tail. Well angulated all round. On the move he covers the ground well with a strong steady stride.

2. Hill`s : Kimbajak Full Golden Monty at Waggador

3. Sadler`s : Talifen Gentleman Jack



1. Perkin`s : Carromer Tegulia by Keeninspires : A Yellow boy that has matured steadily since I last judged him. He has a really well-balanced head, nothing overdone, but still masculine. Well placed shoulders. Strong quarters, with a good turn of stifle. Put down in good coat and condition. Moves well with a solid topline, once he and his handler settle into their stride.

2. Finney & Carpanini`s : Carpenny Kipling : Classic black dog, built on clean lines. Good expression when he settles, Stands forsquare on good bone and correct feet. His front is well angled with a good reach of neck. Level topline with a good tail set..Although he was a little full of himself today, he moved soundly.

3. O`Dell`s : Vetybonbetty chocolate box


MID LIMIT DOG: 6 (0abs)

  1. Callaghan`s : Royalty at Bannabeach Victor Victoria`s : Very Handsome Chocolate boy, built on a good solid frame. He has such a kind expression, which is partly down to having the correct eye shade and pigment for his coat colour. His head is well proportioned with a good stop and ear carriage. Correct angles all round. Excels in coat and otter tail. He moves well, covering the ground with ease .A totally different boy since I judged him as a puppy, pleased to have the opportunity to go over him again and to be able to award him the RCC

  2. Druggan`s : Mafia Lab`s Taboo Webster at Balladoole JW : I have admired this yellow boy on many occasions from the ringside. Kind , masculine head with a beautiful shape and colour to his eye. Excellent reach of neck. Good strong topline leading to a well set on tail. Unfortunately today he was not in his best jacket, but that did not detract from his movement which got him his place.

  3. Coode`s : Warringah`s The Bluff :




LIMIT DOG: 12 (0 abs)

 These three black boys were very similar in type.

1. Brown : Ramsayville Revolver : What a lovely, classic, clean outline this black lad has. This boy made it to my final four. He is so honest, what you see is what you get. Well balanced head, good length and depth of muzzle, lovely eye, shape and colour. Well angulated front and rear. Clean sweep of neck, with a good fore chest. Well boned legs into tidy feet. Correct coat and superb otter tail.. Moved soundly, covering the ground well.

2. Meredith`s : Tweedledum Off The Record : Without appearing to cop out, it turned out that this black was half brother to the winner, and the same comments apply, the winner just held a firmer topline.

3. Ayres` : Hannabee To Hull n Back With Musubi :



OPEN DOG: 4(2abs)

1. Druggan`s : Sh Ch A Sense of Peasure`s El Toro at Balladoole JW : This dog absolutely shone.  Put down in good fit condition, carrying the correct amount of weight and in excellent coat. His head is masculine with correct eye shape and colour, a good length and depth of muzzle, with a kind gentle expression. His balanced body is on well boned legs, well rounded arched feet. Lovely reach to his neck. Correct angles throughout, elbows well tucked in. Strong quarters with good second thigh. Fabulous otter tail. Such a correct moving dog , he did not put a foot wrong. Really pleased to award him the DCC and in agreement with my co-judge, BIS.

2. Rawlinson & Balshaw`s : Sh Ch Halshimoor Pitch Battle at Shanorrell : Another quality dog. Yellow boy that has good head proportions, a real melting expression. Lovely reach of neck. Good bone leading to well rounded feet. Good spring of rib. Balanced angles throughout. In good coat of the correct texture. Correct moving dog, that covers the ground well.

3. Williamson`s : Sharoun`s Ventriloquist For Tempaskell JW

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